Friday, August 28, 2009

I ♥ Fake Cappuccinos

What? You don't know what fake cappuccinos are? Well, I just consider it to be fake if it comes from a machine at a gas station or if it's in powdered form at a store. But...those are my favorites because they are so sweet and have little resemblance to coffee!

My favorite fake cappuccino is one that I stumbled upon at Aldi's a while back. It was not on my list, but I couldn't resist this particular find.

It has such a sweet, smooth taste, and it really hits the spot on a cool day. Like this afternoon (how amazing is it that it's cool enough at the end of August for me to be writing this)!

I should get paid for this infomercial.


Nel said...

I will have to look for that next week! I too love fake cappuccino's!

Causey Fam said...

I am the same way!! I think I may have to look for this on my next trip to Aldi! I've tried others...various coffee shops and the "specialty" cappuccino's at MCD...poured them all out. I'd have to drink it in the am though, or I'd be up all night! Thanks for the tip. :o)

Deanne Smallwood-Thomas said...

i thought i was the only one! you are so awesome for writing about this chrissy :*p

back when i used to work at mcdonald's, i really loved the mccafe's but i still found myself wanting a good old $1.00 gas station cappuchino:) the faker, the better!

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