Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Have you ever been humbled when you feel like life is tough and then someone says, "Yes, I've been through some tough times lately, too," and their tough times are so much bigger? A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine posted as her facebook status: "I wonder why things happen the way they do...and why..." To which one of our mutual friends from high school responded, "I ask the same question....the only answer that I have found is that God has the plan and everything happens for a reason."

The first friend was talking about her home financing situation. The second friend was talking about losing her husband a month before.


So this week, I was at a friend's house boohooing about Gabriel not sleeping through the night. Another friend of ours came by, and the subject of his sleeping patterns came up again. As I mentioned it, I saw a blank look on her face, followed by tears welling up in her eyes. She pulled herself out of it and then just nodded in agreement.

This friend had lost a 6-month-old a couple years ago.


As I drove home that night, I started to feel guilty. Why do I complain so much about Gabriel getting up a couple times at night? Why...when mothers who have lost children would gladly endure those sleepless nights again to hold their child. Why do I feel so frustrated when he only wants me to hold him? Why...when I should be thankful that I am his mother and that he wants me to comfort him.

I strive to keep things in perspective. While it saddened me to see this mother becoming teary at the mention of sleepless nights, I thanked God for reminding me that I have these sleepless nights because I have a baby who needs me. He gives me each day with him.

And I am humbled.

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