Monday, July 13, 2009

Measure Me Monday

This week I lost my 4th of July weight (let's be honest, that entire week was shot) plus an additional 0.2 for a total of 2.8 this week. Overall, that brings me to a loss of 11 pounds.

I'm realizing that trying to lose weight and dieting in the summer is really hard for me. We're always doing something with family or friends. For example, this weekend Caleb will be a ring bearer for Josh's cousin, so we'll be gone Friday evening and Saturday in St. Louis. So unless I pack a box of Special K with me and only eat it for every meal, I'll probably pig out at the rehearsal dinner and reception because I still can't seem to keep myself in check. The Special K idea might be a good one...

And I'm wondering at what weight will anyone notice? I can't even tell. I mean, 11 pounds really isn't much when you have 40 to lose. I'm hoping maybe by 20 there will be a difference. And by 20, I'll hit two personal milestones. I've already hit one today...I am now the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant with Gabriel. So I am pre-baby weight...well, pre-third-born anyway...ha!

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