Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Am I on vacation?

I've been posting status updates on facebook from time to time about what's going on while we're in Michigan. So every now and then, someone will reply or send a message to my inbox asking, "Are you on vacation?"

My first instinct is to say no. I mean, I just traveled with Josh to keep him company, right? He didn't want to drive for eight hours on his own. I didn't want him to have to be away from home without anyone. I didn't make any plans. I don't have an itinerary for each day. Actually, I don't really even know what sorts of things there are to do or where to go.

But then I started thinking about what defines a vacation. And then I realized:

I do not have to pick up after three kids. I miss Caleb and Sarah and think about them all the time. But the fact of the matter is taking care of one out of three is practically a vacation in and of itself for me.

I do not have to make breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I am missing meals at home, but I have to admit that it's nice to not have to plan anything.

I do not have to do dishes or put them away.

I do not have to do laundry, fold clothes, or put them away.

I do not have to make three beds every day. I did put the "do not disturb" hanger thingy on the door today so that housekeeping didn't have to come into our room...so I made my own bed...it was no big deal. One instead of three is ok!

I do not have to vacuum.

I do not have to dust.

I do not have to take out the trash.

I am taking naps when Gabriel does.

So...actually...I think I'll have to start answering YES when people ask me if I'm on vacation. I can't think of a better one.

By the way. When it comes to finding something to do, we're doing just fine so far. Last night we drove to South Haven and saw Lake Michigan. It was great! Tonight we are going to a Winery, then a light dinner, then perhaps bowling or maybe swimming. Thursday there is a minor league game we will be attending, and then Friday on our way home, we will stop at the Lincoln museum and home in Illinois. :o)


Angela Streit said...

Hey Crissy! South Haven is where my in laws live! I so love it there! Make sure to go to Sherman Dairy for Ice Cream! :) Have fun!

Josh said...

yes you are on vacation, but i am not! it's ok though, this is definately not work.

Tina said...

how far out of the way is the Lincoln museum and home

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