Wednesday, July 29, 2009

No More Granny Swimsuit!

If you read this post you know that I evidently have the same taste in swimwear as 60-year-old women. And while I recognize that I am very conservative when it comes to finding the perfect suit, I've tried to find another one that appears more youthful (well...not completely youthful...I am a mom after all)!

While I've been in Michigan I've fallen in love with a store called Meijer. It is similar to Wal-Mart in that it has groceries and clothing, home wear, electronics, toys, garden/outdoor, etc.'s nicer! It has name-brand items for lots less (like Kohl's I suppose). Anyway, I didn't plan on looking for a swimsuit, but as I passed by my section, I found a few that I fell in love with! I usually hate how much they cost (even ON SALE the ones at Kohl's that I saw yesterday where $45). But I found a Reebok swimsuit for $25! I was so excited.

And I know that it's not a cute two-piece from Victoria Secret like my sweet, 23-year-old, youthful sister has, but it is sexy enough for this mommy!

Nothing spectacular. However, it's slimming and cute on me! :o)


Nel said...

Very exciting!!! Isn't it fun - even just to get a little something new every once in awhile?

Tina said...

great deal!!!!
Have you ever shopped at Marshalls or TJMAXX???
They have ALOT of those same kinds of deals!

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