Friday, July 24, 2009

Helping Papa

Josh and I often talk about moving back to the Springfield area - specifically Bolivar, but I really like all the small towns surrounding Springfield. We have also discussed going towards St. Louis such as the Union or Washington area. I wonder if God will lead us in either of these directions some day.

But one of the things that keeps me from packing my bags right now is the fact that my parents and Josh's parents live so close. We are 30 minutes from the house I grew up in...we are 30 minutes from the house Josh grew up in. Thus, it is just a short trip for the kids to see Mama and Papa Adams or Mama and Papa Vogt. They are often willing to come play with the kids (eg: watch them for us on short notice if need be) and we often send the kids over for whatever reason (sometimes if I need a break from one or two out of three).

Such was the case yesterday. Josh helped my sister move, so I knew it would be a VERY long day (he ended up being gone from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm). Since Josh's dad was off work, we asked if he wanted a buddy for the day.

Of course he said yes.

So here are a few pictures from Caleb's day with Papa.

Caleb helped Papa in his garden and also helped sell tomatoes! I know he had a great day, and I'm guessing Papa did, too!

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