Monday, July 6, 2009

Measure Me Monday

This is the hard part about being so forthcoming about my weigh-ins. I did not lose anything this week. In fact, I gained 2.4 pounds. I knew it would be hard with two gatherings for the 4th. And I thought I would stay strong and resist all the yummy stuff (or at least limit myself), but I didn't. I had several brownies, I had more than one bowl of homemade ice cream. I indulged on some Pepsi. Oh, it was so bad.

But it's time to pick myself up and keep going. Today is a new day. I'm still going to hit my goal in November.

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Mrs. Haid said...

Don't forget about how much the weather/humidity/external factors affect metabolism and weight. And dehydration... you might have been a bit dehydrated the last time, so you might not have really gained this week... you are doing good about balance and moderation, and its totally reasonable to expect to celebrate holidays with holiday foods.

My therapist says, "Sure, bethany, you can lose weight doing X (insert bad strategy here) but is it sustainable? can you imagine doing it for the rest of your life to maintain weight?" That always helps me reflect on my choices. :o)

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