Monday, July 20, 2009

For Rent: Cute Little Boy in a Tux

I have an experienced young lad who is available for your special event. He makes a great ring bearer and has even escorted a homecoming queen candidate. He is accustomed to being in front of many people. He looks good in all colors, his auburn hair makes the perfect accent for any fashion ensemble.

August 2007

January 2009

July 2009

As you can see, you will be highly satisfied with his appearance and performance at any event where a suit or tux is needed. He does a great job. References available upon request.


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Ashley said...

Although he is TOTALLY adorable...I missed your Measure Me Monday! I went to the Dr. yesterday and he very STRONGLY encouraged me to start eating a lot healthier, so we went grocery shopping today and I"m hoping to start doing something similar to keep me accountable...

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