Friday, July 10, 2009

The Golden Girls

Admit it. You watched it when it aired between 1985 and 1992. You can't help but turn it on when you see that it's on Lifetime or the Hallmark channel. You laugh when Rose tells a dumb joke, you smile when Dorothy threatens to send Ma to Shady Pines, you roll your eyes when Blanche talks about her dates.

I stayed up late watching it last night. I can't help it.


Kelley said...

:-) A classic. My 2 sisters, my cousin and I used to say we were going to end up like the G Girls when we were old and wrinkled. We'd argue over who would be which character. For part of their bridesmaid gifts, I gave them each a CD with the theme song on it. :-) Ahh... memories!

Britt said...

I love the Golden Girls! I will even admit that I have some of the seasons on DVD!!! :o)

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