Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sarah's Hair

There has been a horrible injustice in my daughter's life. And I have to admit, it is my fault. Thankfully, I have recognized it and will be able to go on from here knowing I have remedied the issue.

For the first time in her short 3 years of life, I finally used a hair dryer on her hair. Let me tell you, I should have done this long ago. Who knew her hair would be so straight and cute? Well, I bet some of you just didn't tell me.

I have always just let her hair air-dry. It had natural curl, so I thought eventually it would just look nice and curly on it's own. It actually looks stringy and fuzzy when I do this, so my other option has been to put it up in pig tails and pull it back tight that way. Which, of course, does look adorable on a little girl.


When I had a whim to blow dry her hair last night before family pictures (which was risky you try something different before one pays to have a picture taken) I decided to just do what I could with however it ended up. To my surprise (and really, why was I surprised about this?) her long bangs - that we're growing out - laid down straight, and the back of it was straight enough...but with just a big of wave. It was really pretty. The prettiest I've ever seen her hair I think.

(The bottom picture is a "proof" of course...sorry for the words on her face!)

Now with it being almost winter, the static in our house is very annoying. It has made it hard to keep her hair from standing up, but I do the best I can. She has thin hair, so it makes it easy for the static to take off with it. will be thicker and even prettier. I know I sure love the color.

So I'm not sure why I never tried this before. Maybe I thought she wouldn't sit still for me. Maybe I didn't think it would matter. But it does. And I'm glad I figured it out.

You know...before she tries out for all those hair commercials and all.


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