Friday, February 27, 2009

A Lesson From My Dishwasher

Here's a bit of a confession for my readers. I'm the type of person who usually (okay, almost always) thinks that the way I do something is the best way to do it. (This is where my husband and sister - when they read this - will sarcastically say to themselves HOW SHOCKING!) :o) I rationally know that it doesn't really matter which direction Josh vacuums, but if I'm there watching him do it, I have to work very hard not to say, "Why didn't you start over here first?" And it's not just that, it's other little things like how to give the kids a bath, how to do laundry, how to drive (how close to follow someone in front of us, etc). Even something as little as how to take a Tylenol (Josh drinks the water first, puts the Tylenol in his mouth, then swallows) I think my way works better. I know, so silly.

And of course, there's how to load a dishwasher.

I have always been one who rinses the dishes quite thoroughly first, just to make sure nothing is stuck on. I had never even tried to see if my dishwasher was good enough to get off that stuck on food before (oatmeal is the worst). Until two weeks ago...

My mom was here watching the kids for me as I went and watched Josh's last basketball game. She is always so sweet to do dishes when she's here. I usually try really hard to get them done before she comes because I don't want her to think she has to do that! But I know she just likes helping me out. When I got home, I noticed the kitchen was all picked up, but there were no dishes in the draining rack. She usually doesn't load the dishwasher, so I asked, "Did you put all those dishes in the dishwasher this time?" She told me she did, and then I couldn't help myself...I had to ask, "Did you rinse them off first?" But she didn't. I came VERY close to taking them all out and rinsing them off. Yet, I made myself NOT do it. That afternoon, I ran the dishwasher just knowing I'd have to pick off food.

Would you food was left on those dishes.

As I put all of the dishes away, closely looking at each one, I learned a lesson:

There are other ways to do things! :o)


Causey Fam said...

I feel like I just read about myself!! LOL :o)

Susan said...

But there is only one way to stack them....right? :)

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