Friday, February 6, 2009

Waiting for Alli

When I was 4-years-old, my parents moved from Warrensburg to Rolla. Both of my parents had new teaching positions, so it brought us to this area. I remember the rental house we lived in and still drive by it on occasion. And what I remember the most about that neighborhood was the little girl who lived across the street. Her name was Jennifer, and we became great friends - you know, one of those close friendships you have as a child that never seems to leave your memory. She invited me to "Daisies" at her church on Wednesday nights and to Sunday school on Sunday mornings. Her mom was so friendly to my mom, and it was just a great relationship. I remember playing with her awesome doll house, and she would come play with toys at my home as well.

Now I have a 4-year-old, and he has a close friend, too. Her name is Alli, and he talks about her all the time. A few mornings ago, he got up and came into my room to grab a few pieces of paper. I wasn't sure what his agenda was, but he proceeded to the kitchen to find his crayons. He drew a picture for her and wrote her name on it. (Would you believe, the two words he knows how to spell are "Caleb" and "Alli"...priorites you know!) :o) He also drew a picture for her brother, Payton. He asked me for two envelopes, and I taught him how to fold the paper to fit into the envelopes. Then we mailed them! He was so excited to send them mail. And I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to draw pictures for them.

Then the next morning we got ready for preschool. As I walked Caleb to the door of preschool, he saw Alli's van pull up. He said, "Mom, I'm waiting at the door for Alli!" Well, it was 20 degrees outside, and I wasn't really thrilled about the idea, but I figured if he was willing to stand out in the cold for Alli, then that's what we'd do. As several parents went to the door, they pulled it open and gestured for Caleb to go ahead of them if he wanted. He said, "No, thank you, I'm waiting for Alli!" When Alli got to the door, he was so excited. I gave him a hug, and they walked into preschool together.

I'm thankful that Caleb has such a good friend. I know she prays for him at nighttime (her mommy has told me!) and he prays for her, too! These are the kinds of friendships that stay in our memories for a lifetime. I pray that Caleb and Alli have many more years of fun memories to make.

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Causey Fam said...

They are buddies for sure and I have tears in my eyes! Thanks for sharing. The kids were so excited to get mail from "Cawub" and I think there may be something(s) coming in return (as soon as the momma gets to the PO);o)

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