Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tans and Tattoos

It seems that about this time every year, I start to feel very unhappy with my skin tone. I just don't like how pasty-white I look, and I recall the days of my youth when I always had a bit of a tan that lasted all year due to all the time I spent outside during the summer. My sister tries to encourage me to embrace my pale self, but I just can't do it! So a couple weeks ago I bought a tanning package at one of the tanning salons here in town. It's been two years since I've done this actually, and usually I only go once or twice a week - stretching out those 15 tans to last as long as I can! Yes, I think about premature aging, but I don't need a lecture...that's not why I'm writing this blog! :o)

For Valentine's Day, Caleb picked out "Cars" cards. With them came some cute little stick-on tattoos. Evidently, my kids had never put them on before, so in an effort to show them they were fun and ok, I lifted up my shirt and put Lightening McQueen on my tummy. Caleb thought it was pretty neat, so he decided to use Sally and Mater!

That afternoon, I went to go tan, and as I was putting my lotion on, I realized what I had done: I had put on this silly kids tattoo without thinking! I knew as I looked at it what this meant. There would be a Lightening McQueen outline on me for quite some time! And so...even after a week, I still have Lightening McQueen on my tummy. Thought he's in outline form, he's still there.

It's just a daily reminder that I'm willing to do about anything for my kiddos! :o)


Ashley said...

I thought from the title of the blog you may be confessing to us that you got crazy and went and got a tattoo! ;0)

Chrissy said...

Josh used to say he wouldn't marry me if I got a tattoo. Not sure what he'd do now if I got one...hehe!

Ashley said...

Ha ha! Lincoln and I talk about this quite often actually! If you were to get one...what would you get?

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