Thursday, February 26, 2009

Make Daddy Feel Better

Yesterday Josh called in sick. This happens quite fact, I can't remember if he's ever been sick since he's started teaching, and as far as all the years we've been together, I could probably count on one hand the times he's been under the weather. He slept literally all day yesterday and did not emerge from our room today until 2:30 pm!! I've tried to get fluids in him, and he did end up eating half a bowl of soup when he got up. He was diagnosed with strep last night (at the Rolla Urgent Care - yeah, it got that bad) and I'm thankful my mom was able to help us out with taking him to see a doctor.

Well, this morning my mom called to see how things were going. After talking with her for a bit, Caleb asked if he could talk to Mama. I heard their conversation on Caleb's end, and this caught my attention..."Well, she will help, but Jesus will make Daddy feel better." :o) I asked her what she said, and she told me, "I was asking him how Daddy was doing and said that Mommy could make Daddy feel better. Then he let me know who would really make Daddy feel better!"

It made me smile :o)

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