Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Smoking Policy

This morning we had Direct TV installed in our house. Our cable rates were going up (a lot) in April, so we decided to shop around and find something that would fit our budget and include some fun channels. I'm thrilled to have Sirius Radio and Noggin!

The men who were here were very, very nice. They were great with the kids who asked them questions as they were working! Caleb brought out his Batman cave to show one of the guys, and even said, "When I grow up, maybe I can work with you!" The man smiled and said, "Maybe!"

After they left, I walked into my bedroom to see where he put the receiver for that room, and you would have thought he smoked a pack of cigarettes in there. Wow, it's still really strong. It got me to thinking...I wonder if customer service positions will ever be smoke free. I know it's a stretch. I know that having the hospital go smoke free when I worked there was a big deal. But really, if one of my nurses smelled like that when I wasn't doing so well, it certainly wouldn't make my stay there so pleasant. And when these guys came into my house smelling so very strongly of smoke (and left the scent here) it doesn't really make me a happy camper.

As I said before, they were very nice and did an excellent job. I just wish my house didn't smell like smoke.

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Causey Fam said...

I agree completely! I wish the same for eating establishments and youth sports around here!

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