Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Sweet Baby

As I was looking through some earlier posts, I realized that I haven't really mentioned Gabriel much on my blog. I suppose the older kiddos have more interesting stories (a 12-week-old doesn't exactly say silly things or do silly things)! But he's certainly worth talking about, so here is a post just for him! :o)

He arrived on November 19th, and he has been a great baby right from the start! Besides a tiny scare in the hospital that involved a respiratory issue (they think he ingested some amniotic fluid) things have been so perfect. He's been on a schedule since day one, nursing every three hours on the dot! This is a blessing by itself considering most babies who nurse are every two hours, and Sarah, my two-year-old, wasn't on a schedule at all! He's a great sleeper and has slept through the night a handle full of times...the other nights he gets up once, and I'm trying to wean him from night time feedings.

I love his sweet smile, and though he doesn't exactly laugh yet, he does make a cute giggle-type sound. He even "talks" to us when we talk to him!

Being the third child means mommy isn't quite as good at taking pictures or sending mass emails about the littlest thing! :o) But I do adore him. He's so fun to cuddle with, and I look forward to watching him grow!

(FYI: The picture was taken without him being "buckled in" just for the sake of the cute sleeper. I wanted to be able to see it, so don't worry, we always buckle him!) :o)


SonjaMichelle said...

Well...Kelly and I were just talking about him. She said that she LOVES his name and that she thinks it is her favorite.

I really think he is such a keeper! Cant wait for his lil personality to start coming through!

cheryl & dave w. said...

i'm so glad that he is so good for you! i can say at times i have a hint of envy (the good kind-if there is such a thing!) when you mention how scheduled he is and the good eater/sleeper he is. brody has never been on a schedule and i don't think he ever will be. i try as hard as i can, but no luck. i suppose it's a blessing though that he is so good because you already have two others! =)

gabriel is so cute in that picture! i love baby smiles!! =) oh, and i guess i am a TERRIBLE mother because i very seldom buckle brody in those things! he's getting closer and closer to wiggling off though so i guess i should start doing it, huh?? =) i'm glad you shared about him because i have been wondering how he is doing!

Chrissy said...

Cheryl - I just sent you a facebook message about that. Disclaimer to you and everyone else: not all of my kids were like this!! :o)

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