Friday, February 20, 2009

Who's at the door?

My mom often stops by on her way home if she's in the area for some reason. Sometimes it's a trip to Rolla to go shopping, sometimes it's when she's on her way back from visiting Sonja in Springfield. Even if it's just for a quick hello, she'll come by and give the kids a hug and be on her way.

So one afternoon, she gave me a call like she usually does if she's on her way. "I'm on the overpass, I'll be there shortly," she said. This means a person will be at my house within two minutes or less, so I unlocked the door and got ready for the kids to be excited to see Mama. Then, within a minute, I heard a knock at the door.

"Boy, she was sure quick this time!" I thought to myself. When she called, I was nursing Gabriel, and I have sort of mastered the art of walking around and nursing. I'll admit, it's not something I could do at Wal-Mart or anything, but around family, it works out just fine. I had my shirt completely pulled up, Gabriel on the left breast, and I opened the door. But instead of seeing my mom, I saw a sweet little girl and BOTH of her parents. She was going door-to-door selling girlscout cookies. All three of them got a full view of at least my chubby side, and I quickly pulled Gabriel off and pulled down my shirt.

I felt rather obligated to buy cookies at that point; however, the girl and her parents have not returend to collect the $4 or give me what I ordered. I'm not sure if I should expect them! ;o)


kimberly anderson said...

I can't even imagine, how embarrassing that was. But I had the same girl come to our house and we still haven't gotten our cookies either.

Chrissy said...

It's good to know the family isn't avoiding my house just because I gave them a!

Tina said...

i dont think they are in yet, i ordered from some girl related to someone at work and my girl hasnt shown up either,
chrissy- lol, look out the window next time ;)

cheryl & dave w. said...

lol! i was trying SO HARD not to laugh TOO loud because dave was sleeping in the chair next to me. HOWEVER, i, too, have mastered the art of nursing while walking around and could TOTALLY envision myself in the SAME situation!! how mortifying! our neighbor up the street comes to check on us periodically and it's almost always when i am nursing brody. however, since she is the only person that usually knocks at our door, i just ignore her (how rude, i know...) because it's WAY too hard to get brody to eat in the first place!! =) poor chrissy!! =)

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