Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine & Basketball

This morning I woke up and got myself ready to head to Waynesville so I could watch Josh coach the last game of his season. My mom came and played with Caleb and Sarah so I could go with just Gabriel.

As I sat there, realizing it was Valentine's Day, I thought to myself, "This is actually a perfect event for me to attend on this day." After all, it was Josh's basketball skills that I admired so much when I first had a crush on him! :o) The boys played a great game, beating Waynesville 35-32.

And then my thoughts began to drift to a more important aspect of Josh's coaching: the example he sets for these young men. This year I was not able to attend as many games as I wish I could have. With the new baby and adjusting to three kids, it just seemed too much for me. But in today's game and all the games I've watched him coach, he has always been a classy guy. He treats his boys with respect, and I believe they respect him as well. I will never have to explain to my kids why daddy said a "certain word" because Josh doesn't talk like that (we have, however, had to make sure Caleb did not understand a "certain word" said by a coach during one of the games he attended this year).

Josh - I just want you to know how proud I am that you're my husband and that you are a wonderful coach and a wonderful example, not only for the boys you coach, but for your own children...and the children you work with during "game time" at AWANA. Thank you for being the same person no matter where you go.


Tina said...

Funny, as I watched the games THIS SEASON I thought to myself how respectful and collected all the coaches were at the basketball games Josh, Lincoln and Ben. Great representation of our school, not to have the coach standing in the middle of the court yelling words that would make all parents cover their children's ears.

Susan said...

Josh is a great dad, teacher, and husband...but too, Christina, you are a great mom, teacher and wife..stick together with the vaules you have now and you, mom

SonjaMichelle said...

Man....part of me is still that high school girl that is just wishing you and Josh would break up so I could go out with him!!!

He is a great guy...and you are an amazing is the perfect combination!

I hope one day our family will see me and Kris the way they see you and Josh...made for each other!

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