Friday, January 29, 2010

Being a Coach's Wife

Sometimes being a coach's wife is...




There are probably other words to describe it, but those are the top three. He devotes much of his time to the team and players, and rightly so. That's his passion, and those kids deserve to have someone who gives it their all.

Even if that means our family misses him. Lots.

Time away from home used to really bother me. My first year as a stay-at-home mom was dreadful during basketball season. Those long days, especially game days, were almost enough to send me into some sort of emotional/psychological dark place. That was the year that he traveled even more than he does now, not only going to all of his practices and games but going to JV/Varsity practices and games (he coaches 9th grade).

I asked that he find some sort of balance. And he did.

Now that I seem to have a better routine in my day, and now that he has found the right balance of giving his all to his own team and supporting the older boys when they have "home" games, the strain on our family has lessened.

But I still miss him from October through February.

Every now and then, however, I get to see a glimpse into what makes all of this important to him. When I see the shining faces of a group of young men who just won 1st place in a tournament. When I see the high fives and the hard work. When I see the parents beaming with pride in their sons. It's in those moments when I know what my husband's influence and dedication means to others.

And I am proud, too.

I am also glad that our kids can see what their daddy does.

They are proud of him as well.

She really was mom's camera has a double flash so it didn't capture the first expression! :o) And what does it mean when my heart smiles at the sight of orange and black around my daughter's neck?? (Yes, I realize only those of you who know me personally will understand that one! Ha!)


TAMMY said...

Sounds like it has similar challenges to being a pastor's wife (which I am). It definitely takes time to find a balance!

Jessica said...

Orange and black must be Owensville's colors! =)

Faithful Mali said...

He may be the only healthy male influence some of these boys have in their lives, so you are right to be proud of him. It must make for some long days for you though!

Ashley said...

I was kind of sick to my stomach seeing that orange and black so close to the red and white. ;0)

You know I feel your pain and would love to have you and kids over anytime on game night!!

Josh said...

I might have the strap changed to red and white! Basketball would not be nearly has enjoyable if I knew it was hurting our family...thanks for being supportive and I love you!

Crystal said...

What a great post. I have always been on the other side. I am the parent of player. I have always thought it wonderful of the coaches to spend time coaching the kids but I have not given much thought to the family. Boy do I feel selfish. So a big thank you to you and your family and all those coaches families who give up their precious time so my son and daughter can have a great time at the sport they love and learn team spirit. A big thank you also for your compliment on my blog. I get so excited when I have a message. You made my day. God Bless. said...

It's funny to see the other side of this. I'm an adminstrator in our town's football program. It's a year round project, but it goes into full steam beginning in June and ends in January. I get so narrow and focused...and when I get home, I feel terrible for all that I missed out on.

I bet he feels badly too.

Bronwen said...

Oh I hear ya sista...June to the first of's so so hard and I don't mind taking it all on at home...ummm, until about October...then I am very ready to have my husband back. It's such a long hard road, and I hear all the wonderful things the parents say about how much they appreciate my husband and what an influence he is for their son etc...but I still miss him...and my KIDS still miss we make it our life as much as we able to in order to be closer to him. We have NEVER missed a game of his EVER since 2003 (the year I was on bedrest and then Rhiannon was born...I don't remember much about that fall in general actually)...but we're always there even if we get to see him for 10min on the 50yd line at 9pm when the game is's 10 more minutes than we would have gotten with him.

I hear's so so hard sometimes.

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