Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tidbits from the Land of Facebook

My status yesterday: When it's cold, I long for the spring. When it's springtime, I get antsy for summer. When it's a hot, summer day I want to feel the coolness of fall. When it's fall, I start getting excited for snow. So here I am, looking out my window at the pretty, bright snow. And I am going to be thankful for the season I'm in rather than wishing for the next one.

A status from a friend:
Dear Pastors...please give your people more than 1 scripture in your sermon... Its the word that changes hearts not your thoughts. I dont want a concert... i dont care if you have a cool website ... If u dont deliver The Word Of God All of it not just the parts your denomination allows...You're wasting our time...God watches over the word to perform it ... Stop being seeker friendly and scratching ears...Give the word 1st place because the bible isnt about somebody it is somebody... now preach preacha or sit down ....

Something funny that I stole and put as my status: Where does the Weather Channel get the "feels like" stat? I imagine a guy named Frank outside yelling, "Feels like 12!"

Status that made me feel bad:
day one with p90x: not so bad, a little sore, but its going to be worth it! (I felt bad because I have done the P90X and it's HARD...but evidently this person didn't think so!)

Josh's status that made me giggle:
got Chrissy Adams a file cabinet and she is hard at work cleaning off the counter! go honey go! (This was when I sent you that text, Tina, about the utility stubs!)

That's all for now. Hope you all had a great weekend!


marielamar said...

AMEN to the pastor comment!

kimberly anderson said...

Just curious do you keep the utility stubs?

cheryl & dave w. said...

i really really like THIS layout! =) very cute!!

Mindy said...

You have great FB statuses.. you should join Twitter ;) especially since you're on your way to being blog famous!

I love your new design!!! :) Awesome!

Kelley said...

Yay for the new look!

Faithful Mali said...

I love the new look! Also, very funny post. Is it weird that I'm jealous you got a filing cabinet?

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