Saturday, January 30, 2010

Celebrity Look-alikes

There is a little thingamajigger going on this week on Facebook where you post a picture of the celebrity people have told you that you look like. M.A. did this on her blog, so I'm following suit and posting some pics for your amusement.

These are the two actresses I've been told I look like. They do not look alike (I don't think) so I guess it depends on which angle you see me that determines which one I look like? :o)

Sandra Bullock (I've been told more than once by different people that I look like her...ever since high school. And even recently...even though I'm not as thin as I was back when I used to think I actually did look like her!)

Tori Spelling (More so when she has brunette hair, but man, finding a non-trashy-looking picture of her via Google search was difficult!)

So there you go! I'm linking up with M.A. on this one, so if you've been told you look like a celebrity, you should, too!


Heather said...

i would have to agree with Sandra Bullock.... you DO look like her. (And she's one of my favorite actresses!)

Kelley said...

I can totally see the Sandra resemblance! :-)

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