Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sunday Morning Miscommunication

It is a team effort in our house to get the kids ready for church each Sunday morning. Josh usually does the baths for all three, and then as they are done, he sends them out to me and I have their clothes ready and help them put them on if necessary.

Caleb generally does everything on his own as far as dressing himself. Sometimes he needs help with a button, but that's about it. Sarah needs help with tights and sometimes her dress, and obviously Gabriel is helpless when it comes to getting dressed! So after the clothing process is complete, Josh then will help with breakfast (usually a quick one of dry cereal or Ego's) and gets sippy cups of milk ready for each of them (yes, even Caleb because we let them take the cups in the van if they don't finish).

I sat out a pair of black shoes for Sarah next to the couch. I said, "Here are Sarah's shoes. If you get a second could you help her put them on?"

After everyone was put together and ready to head to church, we all walked out to the van, Gabriel in Josh's arms, and we were off to worship the Lord!

But when we arrived, and as we began to unload the kids, Josh said, "Where are Sarah's shoes?"

"I thought I asked you to put them on her?" I responded.

"Well, I didn't. I thought you put them on her before she walked out to the van," he continued.

So there we were. At church and no shoes for Sarah. "Just carry her to her classroom. It will be fine," I said as I tried not to be upset.

And it was fine. Not a big deal at all. The girls at church who teach her class thought it was funny. One of them even said the same had happened to her once.

But I'm pretty sure I'll be checking everyone's feet next time we are leaving for church!


Jessica said...

LOL! That's funny! =)) I'm kind of weird about my kids clothes always looking nice and matching when we go out in public. It's even hard for me to let Alexis put on a pink shirt with red pants when we're just at home. The other day, she had on some pink fleece pants that are too short and a pink shirt that really wasn't the right color pink to go with the pink pants and I actually let her out of the house like that. We went to eat supper with Ross at his work and he made the comment, "Can't believe you let her out of the house looking like that." I must be slipping. ;) Or else I was just really tired and didn't care....

Chrissy said...

Oh, she still looked cute! ;o) In fact, since she was wearing black tights, I'm not sure if anyone even noticed as we walked through the halls of the church!

otherwise known as mom said...

My oldest son ended up at open house in the first grade without shoes in the car. We made him go in sock feet too! He about died. He then did it three more times in quick succession.

I cured the problem. I keep a pair of fuzzy pink houseshoes in the back of the car. Next time he does it, he's been promised those shoes to wear......problem solved!!

Aren't kids fun??

Faithful Mali said...

Oh, Chrissy, that's so funny! How sweet was Sarah, that she didn't even mention it, she just went with the flow :)

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