Friday, January 8, 2010

Packing Up Toys

About once a month (give or take) Josh's parents take Caleb and Sarah for a night. They enjoy their sleepover and enjoy playing with Papa so very much.

Last night was one of those times. So while the "older" kids were out of the house, Josh and I got ourselves in gear and began taking out all of the toys that the kids no longer play with. My dining room table was so full of stuff, and this has freed up more room for the new toys that they received for Christmas. Josh took out the back seat of the van, and our van is now packed and ready to take the toys to Goodwill (we were going to take them to the Caring Center, but they are closed today).

But...for a brief moment...I thought of the scene in Toy Story 2 when the mom was gathering toys for a yard sale and how upset it made the toys. It sort of made me sad, especially as I packed up two cute baby dolls that Sarah barely played with at all. I even thought one of them was pouting at me.

I sure hope those toys handle it ok. I hope they are happy in their new home. And if I find one of them back at my house someday, I'll know what hard work it was to get here. I've seen both Toy Story movies you know.


Cheryl Sybert said...

Chrissy, While I am sure that the Goodwill has good intentions, I have a friend whose husband worked there and said that they throw away most of the items that are donated. I think that the Salvation Army is a wonderful alternative. They have a great mission statement that states they are motivated by the love of God to preach the gospel and meet human needs in His name without discrimination. Just in case you were wondering where they are located, you can find them in the old license office across from Rolla Rental. I hope that this info helped you. I would just hate for the toys that you had intended to go to new little children to go into the trash! I hope I'm not to late.

Ashley said...

Ah, I thought this was so sweet, I often think of that when I find toys under the bed etc.

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