Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mother/Daughter Bonding Time

I write this at my own expense in hopes that it makes you smile.

My trips to the store are often with my three small children. Unless it's my bi-monthly, big grocery trip, then I just go on my own. But occasionally, I take just one of my kiddos, usually Caleb or Sarah because they are good listeners at this point and don't fuss like Gabriel does in the cart.

One afternoon, right after Josh got home from work, I said I needed to make a run to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things. I said I would gladly take Sarah because I really felt like some mommy/daughter bonding time! So we put on our coats, walked out to the garage, and climbed into our van for our trip to Rolla.

When we arrived, I needed to make a quick stop to the restroom, so we went there first. I didn't notice if any of the "normal" stalls were taken, but I went to the handicapped one because it's bigger and easier to have a little 3-year-old girl in it with me.

"Sarah, just stay here with mommy and I'll be done in a second," I explained to her.

"MOMMY! DO YOU HAVE TO GO POOPY OR POTTY?" she said in her bold, little girl voice.

I thought to myself what answer will keep her from elaborating about my current trip to the restroom? I softly whispered, "Just potty, Sarah."

"OH, MOMMY...NO...YOU'RE GOING POOPY!" she exclaimed once again in her bold, little girl voice. "GOOD JOB, MOMMY! GOOD JOB!"

Dear Lord, please do not let anyone else be in here right now I quickly prayed.

But I could hear someone, and they were holding back laughter. Perhaps if I waited long enough they would exit the facilities and I would not have to look them in the eye?

Before I could get myself together, Sarah decided that she wanted to open the door to the stall. "Mommy isn't done, Sarah! Please, just wait for mommy!" But her eagerness prevailed, so as quickly as I could I composed myself, chased my daughter, and kept her from opening the restroom door. I needed to wash my hands before we went on to do our shopping, and of course, there was the lady who was in the stall next to me. She just gave me a smile, and I wondered if this was her comic relief for the day.

I do enjoy the time I spend with Sarah when it's just the two of us. I will not, however, use the restroom with her ever again.


SonjaMichelle said...

Now you know how mom felt when you called that lady FAT in the doughnut shop!!!! I can only imagine if I have a little girl one day what "pay back" I will get! lol

Cheryl Sybert said...

I had my youngest daughter, Molly tell me in the Wal-Mart bathroom stall that my booty doesn't fit on the toilet seat while the bathroom was full. I heard a lot of chuckles coming from the other stalls. Sometimes I wish my kids had mute buttons because they sure say the darndest things at the most inopportune times!

Mrs. Haid said...


That is rough.

Sorry about your embarressment, my stomach turned for you!

Causey Fam said...

Another MckMama visit! Impressive ;o) Here's hoping for her to leave a comment!!!

Mindy said...

LOL... I think Sarah meant well ;-) But oh my! I would be sooo embarrassed.

MckMama visit again?? What!

Mindy said...

That is so funny and I only say that because it didn't happen to me! I could see it happening though! Bless your courage to share such a moment with the world!

Bronwen said...

Zane has pulled that sorta trick a few times as well so we've instituted teeny tiny whisper voices in ALL public bathrooms. We pretend we're mice - and people may look at us like we're idiots but - in the event a "WHOA mommy that's a BIG POOPY" comes flying out, it's at least whispered in a tiny mouse voice and maybe perhaps MAYBE the next stall won't hear me...? ugh.

My most memorable restroom visit was when I was WAY pregnant w/ Zane and was taking Rhiannon w/ me...you know how your belly sits on your lap right? and how sometimes in those pouch pants get bunched up when you're going pee? Well, Rhiannon so BOLDLY says, "MOMMY! You don't got no panties on!" So, knowing there are a few other filled stalls at the 'ole QT I said in my own defense audible enough that they can also hear me, "YES I do Rhiannon, they're just -" "NOOOOO you DON'T MOMMY WHY YOU DON'T HAVE PANTIES ON MOMMY??"
I clarified with her that I in fact DID...but how smoking hot do I feel big BIG 'ole pregnant walking out of the stall w/ everyone in there thinking I'm going comando...oh how g-R-o-SS!!

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