Monday, January 4, 2010

A Quiet Little Girl

When your daughter says she has to go potty and decides to use your bathroom.

And then you realize she has been in there for a while after you heard the flush.

A long while. Quietly.

You then realize that she must be up to something.

And evidently, mommy's make-up is just too tempting.

She must have missed the Mary Kay tutorial on how to apply lipstick on your lips rather than around your entire mouth.


Mindy said...

How funny!!!

Kelsey said...

I have similar pictures of Delayni and Carleigh who found my mascara. Instead of putting in on their eyelashes they put it on their eyebrows. It was so funny! But oh my was it hard to get off! lol

Mindy said...

I love it! I let Hope put on some of my powder or perfume, sometimes. She feels so grown up and proud of herself.

I notice you have Sarah's ears pierced, I was wondering how old she was when you had that done? It's an issue my husband and I have been debating.

e said...

I love that picture! Mia is always getting into my bathroom stuff. You'd think I'd learn...

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