Monday, August 23, 2010

Go Blogs, Go! You're Cordially Invited!

Post written by the author of The Fabulous Adventures of Mrs. Haid!

Go Blog(gers) go!
Go by car, go by bike.
Go by foot - run, skip or hike.
Go Blog(gers) go... stop at the tree
Climb the ladder to a

I am so excited to announce the place, time, and date of our Bloggers Meet Up. So excited that I broke into children's book prose and misquoted some P.D.Eastman (arguably the most read author in our home).

The poll on the sidebar was somewhat successful because it let me know that at least some other bloggers want to get together and meet in real life. Also, a number of people have contacted me via email or on Facebook, so I tried to come up with the best time and place to suit many people and to ensure a good time.

We will be meeting on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at 1 PM. This is immediately following the St. James Grape and Fall Festival's downtown parade, which I will attend and sit outside of my cousin's store, and then promptly get in the car and drive to Rolla, Missouri to my all time Favorite Chinese Food Restaurant, Fortune Inn. I am so excited for others to join me and my one confirmed guest, Chrissy, that I am pretty sure I won't even get to eating my Egg Drop Soup before it gets chilled!

After reading so many Five Question Fridays, I feel like I know some of these authors already! I think it will also be fun to see what people sound like since the voice I use to read blogs is pretty much the same for each site.

So here is a blog button for you to have for your site (if you'd like!). My friend Chrissy converted the little poster I made into a blog button, and I confess, I do not know how to do this. I am thankful she does!


You can copy and paste the code to announce your RSVP to our Blog Party!


Sippy Cup Mom said...

I'm so bummed! I'm in St. Louis and would totally do this but I'll be out of town! Wah!

Mindy said...

YAY, can't wait to meet you! Thanks for helping to plan this. See you then!

Jessica said...

I want to come SO BAD, but I have a scheduling conflict...=( On a lighter note though, Alexis was sitting on my lap when I read this post earlier and said, "Mommy, it's Go, Dog Go! I have that book!"

This Daddy said...

Im not coming to your thing!!!!!!

And if your husband keeps making me cry, then I am going to take it out on someone else, since he is bigger than me and will kick my ass. Tell him to leave me alone. I am a sensitive male and cry alot.

And tell your mom (your real mom) to be nice to me too. And it stinks that I cant be ugly to anyones mom, so she is lucky
Oh and have a Nice Day blogging Buddy.

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