Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh, How I Love A Good Deal!

Yesterday Josh and I made some stops at a few different stores to look for something for Caleb's upcoming birthday. We ended up at K-Mart, and since the item we were looking for was the same price everywhere, that's where we bought it.

While we were there, I said, "Let's stop by the shoes. I want to see if they have any deals on tennis shoes in Sarah's size."

I glanced through a few pairs, and then these caught my eye:

Athletech Girl's Peggy - Silver

There was only one pair in her size, so I picked up the shoes and started looking at them closer. For one thing, I could not find a price tag, and the box did not have a lid. I turned the shoes upside down to look at the bottom, and to my surprise they had obviously been worn. I kept thinking, "Should I even bother finding out the price on these? Should I try to get a major discount since there is visible wear?" They looked perfect other than a bit of discoloring on the bottom, which obviously wouldn't be seen as Sarah would walk around in them.

I took them to the customer service desk, and I explained that I liked these shoes, but I could not find the price AND I felt there should be a substantial price break considering the wear on the bottom.

They rang up as $9.99 - already marked down from $14.99. The lady at the desk said, "We'll make these $4.99. Do you want them at that price?"

Yep. I sure did.

So my little girl will be wearing her $4.99 shoes proudly. She loved them when I showed them to her.

And I loved that I didn't spend much on them!

What sort of fun deals have you found lately?


kimberly said...

Dave would be so proud!

Felicia said...

Sweet deal Chrissy! Yesterday I dropped Haylee at her play therapy appointment and I went across the street to Goodwill in search of old shorts for Mark to wear around the house when he is doing projects. Didnt find him any, but did score 5 pairs of very gently worn Arizona jeans for Maddison all for $10. Earlier in the day I was searching online for new jeans for her and found a good deal at Old Navy...$8.50 a pair and free shipping, my total was $54! I decided to wait to order them and I am so glad I did. I think that was an awesome deal to me!

This Daddy said...

Man, that is a sweet deal. I bet Josh had everything to do with that deal making. Come on now, admit it. Ok. Maybe not. But he is my Math Hero. 2+2=5. Yeah, Im that good

Mrs. Haid said...

I got Dan Old Navy jeans online for $15 and free shipping yesterday! So of course I used the savings to buy a dress for me, too... and some $10 polo work shirts for him... Its amazing to me that he can wear jeans and a polo for his job everyday! So casual! And so inexpensive and easy to launder!

Causey Fam said...

lots of things, thanks to www.hip2save.com!

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