Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Post It With Thanks

I joined Supah Mommy for Post It Note Tuesday!


Nel said...

I watched this show last night... definetly been getting rid of any extras around the house today, LOL!

See Jamie blog said...

Very cute! I haven't watched the show, but I've heard about it, and grew up hearing about a house in my grandmother's neighborhood where the woman was a true hoarder, as in only a tiny path to walk from room to room, everything else FULL from floor to ceiling! Yikes!

Anyway, you have a lovely blog! I'm stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop. :)

LKP said...

LURVE this!!!!

Dani said...

I absolutely love this post it stuff! Thanks for the laugh!


Sue said...

LOL!!! You are so right - Thanks for the inspiration TLC.

I'm so glad that you joined the Hip Homeschool Hop today. :)

The Homeschool Chick

thechattymommy said...

Did you write that post for me?
Did someone tell you I was a hoarder?
Do you think I am a hoarder?

Cause I'm not.

Unless you think that me saving baby clothes for sentimental reasons or clothes for other people's kids or all the schoolwork my kids have ever done or jeans from high school (that will never fit again) or tons of things for a yard sale in the future qualifies me for being a hoarder.

But I am ok with it.
If I don't blog for awhile, maybe you could call someone to come and dig me out- well, at least get the kids out.

thanks for making me laugh-
and think.

Jamie said...

amen sister! amen!

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