Saturday, March 21, 2009

Comment Settings

Today I changed my comment settings. I was getting too many anonymous ones on "The Gosselin's New Home" post, and it was driving me crazy (evidently if you Google it, my blog is one of the first ones to be found). You can still comment even if you don't have Google or a blog, just select Open ID, and you can type your name. If I still get too many weird, random comments, I might change it again. In that case, you'll all have to get a Google account! :o)

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Mrs. Haid said...

I keep getting anonymous comments, too! Its annoying to me. I think that if you want to share your opinion, you should start your own blog to share it! Or you should be brave enough to leave your name as a post!

Anytime I write something political, religious, or a book review, I get people responding. I feel like its my perogative to just hit "remove/delete" from the post if I don't like what they say! Its my own space to write, after all!

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