Thursday, March 26, 2009

That Still, Small Voice

Last night, I took Gabriel with me and went out to visit my parents at their house. My sister is on spring break, so I got to see her, too. I don't seem to go out there as often as I would like, so since Josh, Caleb, and Sarah were at AWANA, I just took advantage of the opportunity.'s rare that I get to talk with them without having to patrol my 4-year-old and 2-year-old.

I stayed much later than I normally would, but it was just so nice to be there for a while. Josh sent me a text and said, "Please text me when you leave." So I did. I gave everyone hugs, and headed on my way.

Since my parents live "out in the sticks" I've always been keenly aware of the fact that I need to look for little creatures of the night when driving in the dark. A handful of times, I have even seen a cow in the middle of the road that made it's way out of the fence (Hwy CC out of Bland). I made it off of CC and turned onto Hwy B to get to St. James. I was listening to Spirit FM, and I remember praying, "Lord, please keep me safe on the way home and help me to see anything in the road."

Then I heard Him. It was so clear. Slow down, Chrissy.

I wasn't really even going that fast (55 mph or so), but since I felt that God was speaking to me, I did slow down quite a bit. I crested a hill, and then I saw it. Within 100 yards of slowing down, there was a deer standing in the middle of the road. It didn't move. It wasn't bothered by the fact that a van was driving toward it! I'm so glad that I was going so much slower than I was before, because there is no way I would have avoided this deer going 55 mph.

My heart was beating rather quickly after I drove past the deer (which, by the way, SLOWLY trotted off of the road as I went around him in the other lane...what an arrogant deer)! I thanked the Lord for speaking to me, in that still, small voice. I know that He does speak to us if we just listen.

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