Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Play Date Application

Something occurred this week that, for some reason, I did not anticipate happening quite yet. When I picked up Caleb from preschool, one of the little boy's moms came up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Joey's mom! He'd love to get together with Caleb sometime to play!" She gave me her phone number and email address. I smiled and said, "Ok, we'll try to find a time!"

Up to this point, Caleb's friends have been from church. He sees the same kids each Sunday and Wednesday, and their parents are my friends, too. I know these kids and the mommies and daddies. I know their belief system. I know what they are like on a day-to-day basis. I know what they do and don't allow their kids to do (as far as behavior, what's on tv, etc). For the most part, when my kids play with their kids, I am there, too. But I would feel very comfortable leaving them with these "grown ups" because I know them very well.

Now that I've met a new mom, I almost feel like I need a play date application! :o) I know it seems ridiculous, and I don't mean it literally! But I'm certainly not the type to just drop my son off at Joey's house without knowing Joey's family at all. They might be wonderful people, strong Christians who hold the same values as me. Maybe someday you'll see a blog about how I've gotten to know Joey's mom and now we have lunch together on occasion!

For now, my game plan is to invite her and Joey to my house or to head over to their house and watch the boys play. I'm looking forward knowing her because Caleb does talk about this new friend of his frequently.

So here's to a new endeavor for me as a mommy!


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about what you're going to do if you don't like Joey's mom/family? I don't look forward to these times either - I don't know anyone in Rhiannon's class that I would feel comfortable fact one person who I THOUGHT I could feel comfortable with sending Rhi over to spend the night with did NOT work out at ALL. Rhi came home with ink on her arms/sleeping bag/face - stayed up till past midnight with the TV on...CABLE TV...lord KNOWS what they were watching. And my friend, the person who over 3 years of being my neighbor and KNEW how crazy I was (I mean how particular I am) said, "I went to bed at 8pm I had cramps and wasn't feeling well - but Amanda said everything was fine and they fell asleep sometime after midnight. Rhiannon did write on my couch with an ink pen though - I think it was an accident and slipped off her paper."

Uh huh yeah so I was at my house literally 30ft across the street the entire time this was a sleep over of desire not NEED - if you didn't feel well then why didn't you call and say, tonight's not going to work I don't feel well maybe Rhi can spend the night another time...instead of leaving my daughter unattended in your house...

So I'm a little jaded and will probably NEVER let her do anything EVER. I was floored, if I can't trust my friend my NEIGHBOR who KNOWS me and KNOWS what I expect then who CAN I trust?!?!

Kelley said...

That seems very early for leaving kids with acquaintance mommies! Juliet was left for her first play date in 2nd grade, and I've told her no sleepovers until 4th (that's next year though- yikes!) Even then, we'll be hosting the sleepovers for a while rather than attending them! Good luck with the process!

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