Monday, March 16, 2009

Memory Monday

On Saturday, I followed a school bus to Francis Howell North High School to watch a winter guard competition. That trip prompted this memory! As I followed the bus, thoughts of the MANY band trips I went on with my parents...and then as a band/guard member myself...came to mind.

Since my dad was the band director and my mom was the color guard instructor, I traveled on every bus ride for marching band competitions that ever took place during my dad's career. Even as a little girl, I can remember taking my pillows on buses, packing a doll or two, or whatever would make the ride more pleasant for a kid! And the one cardinal rule...Vogt's rule if you will...


Then there was my senior year...

I always rode the same bus as my parents. I'm not sure why, I just really liked being with them on trips (you'd think all the years prior to my high school days would have been enough to make me sign up for another bus...but I didn't). That was Bus 1. There were two other buses that followed. On our way to Flat River/Park Hills, as we approached Potosi, everyone on our bus could hear the driver of another bus radio to ours. "Mr.'s Bus 3...we have someone who needs to stop."

Oh, my...I just rolled my eyes. Probably some freshmen who doesn't understand that my dad REALLY means that we don't stop. I looked at him...then looked at my mom. I think we were all puzzled that the driver even said anything because even the drivers knew we wouldn't stop.

"Who is it?" my dad asked.

"It's Megan."

Megan was one of my close friends, a senior, and lead trumpet player. I could see my dads eyes sort of open wide in shock. I could tell he was thinking...this must be bad if it was Megan. So, to everyone's surprise, he radioed back, "Stop up here at this Hardee's. This is only for Megan, no one else is to get off the bus."

All three buses pulled into the Hardee's parking lot. From my bus we could see Megan RUN off the bus, and even though he said no one else was supposed to get off of the bus with her, someone did (one of our friends...I'm not exactly sure which one...Becky maybe). Evidently she was sick and puked A LOT! Poor girl.

And still to this day, I cannot believe that he stopped the bus. It was the only time in his career that he ever stopped. All for Megan. And all because he must have had an instinct that it was was!

Every time we drive down to Josh's family holidays, we drive by that Hardee's. I think of Megan every time I see it. It makes me smile to have that memory. Even though she was sick, I'm sure she laughs about it now!

Senior Band Members, Class of 1998
(I'm front left...and Megan is the next row, blonde, second from right!) :o)


Susan said...

Yes, I gave Sonja that same look Saturday, when SHE had to stop!!!!! So I knew we had to cause she knows the rules...hee hee

kimberly anderson said...

Chrissy-I love hearing about your band days. It reminds me of mine. Believe it or not I used to play the flute and was the twirler in my Junior and Senior years of high school. Takes for sharing and reminding me of the good ole days.

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