Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Gift of Discernment

Earlier, I posted about Spiritual Gifts, and I mentioned that my top two were discernment and exhortation. Today, I'm going to write a little about discernment and how I see God using it in my life.

The gift of discernment consists of the spiritual quality or skill of being able to see or understand, especially that which is hidden or obscure. This ability is shared in a general way by all of God's children, but "discerning of spirits" is one of the gifts of the spirit that comes, under certain circumstances, specially from God (1 Cor. 12:10). The fuller gift of discerning in all spiritual matters—to know whether their occurrence is of God or not—is given by the Lord. To possess this gift is to receive divinely revealed understanding of opposing spirits—the spirit of God and the spirit of the devil. Persons possessing such a gift also correctly perceive the right course of action.

Not only can the power of discernment distinguish good from evil, the righteous from the wicked, and false spirits from divine, but its more sensitive operation can also make known even "the thoughts and intents of the heart" of other persons (Heb. 4:12).

If you were quick enough to read the rest of this post before I deleted it, lucky you! I've decided to remove it and I'll try to repost something sometime soon. I just decided I didn't want phone calls about it...not yet...

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