Monday, March 2, 2009

Memory Monday (but a lot on my mind)

I'm going to try and incorporate a memory with what the Lord said to me last night during our community choir performance at the First Assembly of God. Wow, what an amazing night of worship we had! If you weren't there, I sure wish you could have been. It was such a blessing! :o)

In the fall of 2006, I realized that I needed to start serving in a local church here in St. James. Up until then, Josh and I had been driving back to Owensville to my "home" church. I loved the people and the ministries there, and I wasn't sure how I was going to leave it. But I knew God had something in store for us, though I didn't realize how many Godly people He would introduce to me!

We had visited a handful of churches, but we kept coming back to FBC (I tell people it's because I must be too baptist)! :o) We attended on and off, still driving to Owensville on the Sundays I wanted to go there. It was actually March 19, 2006 when we went to Sunday school at FBC for the very first time (I remember because it was Josh's birthday). I was pregnant with Sarah, and there were two other girls pregnant in that class and two others who just had babies (quite a baby boom). It took another few months before we'd go to FBC again...and I remember this sweet girl who came up to me to greet me during the service. "Nice to see you again! Do you remember me? We were both pregnant at the same time! When did you have your's? What's her name? My little girl has that same cute outfit!" After we talked for a brief moment, I remember thinking that I liked that girl! :o)

What I didn't know is that God sent her into my life at just the right time.

Since then, we have become such wonderful friends. I really feel like her home is a second home to me and my family. When Josh is away with basketball, I can go there. When he was swamped with his masters classes, I could go there. When all of us want to hang out and watch American Idol...we go there! We confide in each other about so many things. And even though I'm not as good at calling as she is, I have introduced her to the world of texting...and that helps our communication! She likes to shop, and I don' guess what...I just go with her and watch her shop...ha!

So what did God say so clearly to me last night?

As I was standing right next to her...and as we were singing, I could hear her belt out those super high notes! :o) And then...I could hear Him asking me, "Why aren't you praying for her and coming to Me about what she's told you? Why do you try and give her advice without asking Me first?" don't know. I felt a sense of shame to be honest. Why on earth haven't I been praying for her the way I should? Isn't that what friends are for?

Yes, this is what was going through my mind towards the end of the musical. Even though I kept singing to Him, He kept talking to me. It's been a long time since I could hear Him so clearly, and it's interesting that this is what He wanted to say.

So I will pray for her and the specific things she has told me recently. I will also pray that I can hear Him this clearly more often. I think last night is the first time in a very long time that I was so sincere when I worshiped Him. I know this is what He deserves and desires...

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