Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Typical Day

Even though Gabriel is only 4 months old, Caleb and Sarah always try to include him when they play. It's pretty cute. Caleb often asks me to bring Gabriel into their room (while Gabriel is in his swing or bouncy seat) because he thinks they'll all have so much fun! Sarah also enjoys attempting to play by putting dolls with him or patting him on the head and saying, "He's so cute!"

One day, Sarah put Woody's hat (from Toy Story) on Gabriel's head. I'm not so sure he was too excited about the idea! The look on his face just cracks me up!

Then one day, Caleb decided to play with Gabriel using Sarah's Barbie's. I just laughed!

That afternoon, after showing Josh the Barbie pictures, Caleb and Josh went outside to play football...lol!

And sometimes, I have all three of them with me on the couch!

It's certainly never dull around here!

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