Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I Love Curves

On the last Monday in February, I went to Rolla and signed up at Curves.

"A Curves 30-minute fitness center is a woman’s gym that provides a total body workout. With both aerobic exercise for weight loss and strength training for toned muscles, a Curves workout provides an exercise plan that can burn up to 500 calories in just 30 minutes."

I've been to Curves before and seen results. When we lived in Bolivar and were newlyweds, I started working out. It was great, and that was back when I didn't have the added responsibility of children! :o) Now, I go so I can lose the baby fat, but also it gives me time for myself.

I love Curves because it's women only. I think I would be ok at a regular gym with guys, but it certainly makes me more comforta
ble to see other women who look like me and need to lose weight. Often when I've been to gyms, it seems like it's all people who are already fit...where are the beginners? ;o)

I love Curves because it's women of all ages and sizes. I've seen girls in their early twenties workout there, and I've seen women in their 60's
workout there. I've seen thin women and heavy women. I'm probably somewhere in the middle.

I love Curves because it's a set workout plan, a combination of cardio and strength training. I love it that it's set to music, and the automated CD that says "change stations now" allows me to just stay on a station without really thinking "have I been on this long enough?"

This photo is obviously posed, and the Curves I've been to are spread out much more than this and have more machines. But it gives the basic idea of what it looks like.

I know that I have more energy during the day when I'm consistently working out. My mood is better, and I'm just an overall happier person! :o) I'm thankful that my husband has given me this time to myself, and he's willing to watch the kiddos! Thanks, Joshy!


Ashley said...

So is this a class that you go to regularly or is it something that you can fit in whenever you have a free 30 minutes? Can you only stay 30 minutes or can you work out as long as you want? I'm so confused! I do LOVE the idea of it being all women though!

Chrissy said...

I go whenever I want...just like a regular gym. The machines are set up similar to the picture, and we rotate about every 30-45 seconds I think. We go around two times, and I have never felt like staying longer! I was talking with the owner today, and she said if someone felt like working longer, they didn't work hard enough the first two times around! ;o) I get to set up my "Curves Smart" card on Friday, and it's a personal workout system that tells me if I'm working hard enough and tracks the progress. Can't wait!

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