Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peter Pan Gets the Boot

One Saturday evening, Josh had a very random idea to watch Peter Pan with the kids. The problem: we didn't have Peter Pan. So he called a few friends, and we eventually found a copy a few doors down. We put it into the DVD player, and to my surprise, the kids sat and watched the entire movie. They were practically glued to the TV they enjoyed it so much!

As with most "new" movies in our house, the kids wanted to watch it time and time again. So I allowed them to watch it every morning when they woke up during their TV time instead of their normal PBS or Playhouse Disney shows. I really thought nothing of it.

The days went on, and I started to notice that Caleb was having a bad week as far as behavior. He was starting to make "unkind" faces at me (that's what I call them when I explain it to him...they were just flat out rude, smug, mean faces). He also seemed to just have an overall different demeanor about him. I tried to think if there was anything environmental that was different, and then it dawned on me...he had been watching Peter Pan every day! Finally, I did something I should have done from the start: I sat down and watched the movie with mommy vision! What I realized was that Tink is hateful and Captain Hook is very mean to Mr. Smead.

The above picture pretty much sums up what Caleb looked like to me during that week. What's funny is I just randomly searched for a picture to include with this blog, and it was one of the first pictures on the page.

We gave the DVD back to the neighbor. It's been about a week now since Peter Pan left our house, and I haven't seen those "unkind" faces in about that long.

I'm so particular about what my kids watch, and I was upset with myself that I assumed that a Disney movie would hold my same values. I know better, and this experience highlighted the fact that I need to 1. Always watch shows/movies with my kids at least the first time they see it, and 2. Have heightened mommy vision to see traits/phrases/actions that my kids might pick up that are not acceptable.


j99adams said...

I got you, Peter Pan!

Tina said...

kids are funny, Ryan saw Popeye on tv randomly, came on after something else, and he said "mommy turn it off, its a mean show" after watching a couple minutes I realized why, they were hitting each other and being mean to each other.......

Mrs. Haid said...

Interesting... you know, I've never actually watched this movie all the way through! Or have watched Pinocchio, Lady and the Tramp... any of those oldies. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chrissy that is so funny!! Zane and Rhiannon got the 3-DVD set w/ PPan, Return to Never Land & Tinkerbell and all of the sudden Zane is pretending to spit all over the house and everywhere we go. I'm thinking...he's not been at football practice, track hadn't begun yet...what the heck?! Where is he getting that? AND then he starts to fake burp - not really burping but faking it and thankfully excusing himself afterwards but fake burping nonetheless... It was return to Return to NEVER LAND!! So the moment I figured it out and caught him doing it - I said, "Zane we do NOT burp or spit like a lost boy!" You should have SEEN the look on his face!! He says, "Oh...**long pause**...ok mommy" There have been a few times where he will say, Mommy, we do NOT burp like a lost boy right?! And I'll say yes Zane that is right. Almost like he thought about doing it - and then remembered - oh yeah that's bad...and thus the most important difference b/t Brune #1 and Brune #2...Rhiannon would have done it anyway ;).

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