Friday, March 27, 2009

A Vocab Lesson

We let Caleb play on the computer every now and then. Some of his favorite websites are PBS Kids, Noggin, Nick Jr, and Playhouse Disney. Most of the games are educational, but some of them are just for fun.

Yesterday, he was playing on PBS Kids - specifically Word Girl! When I watch that show I often think that the words that are being introduced are too big for a 4-year-old (I think the target age might be for elementary kids). But I always think that it's great that Caleb is being introduced to a wide vocabulary at an early age. I was listening to the game, and the word she used was cumbersome.

A short while after playing on the computer, Caleb came into the kitchen and wanted me to make some orange juice, and he wanted to help me. He brought his stool over to the sink, and I let him hold the container while I scooped the frozen concentrate into it. He was sort of holding it at an odd and awkward angle, and he said, "Mom, this is a bit cumbersome!" I'm sure he didn't understand why I laughed a bit, and then I said, "That's right, Caleb! World Girl taught you that, didn't she?"

Later, he asked if he could hold Gabriel. I told him to sit over on the couch, and he did. I put Gabriel on his lap, and Gabriel was a bit wiggly. Caleb said, "Holding Gabriel can be cumbersome!"

So never underestimate a 4-year-old and their ability to understand vocabulary! :o)

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