Sunday, April 18, 2010

Accept Blessings

I like to give. It could be my time, my abilities, my resources. Whatever it may be, I really do try to exhibit a giving spirit. There are many of my friends and family who are the same way. I know people who volunteer countless hours at the Caring Center here in our town. There is a man from my church back home who has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to community needs in his area. And if you ever watched The Least of These video on Ashley's page or on Greentree's website, that is a great example of a large group of people pulling their resources together and doing something wonderful.

But what if someone wants to bless me? Even in the smallest ways? There have been times when I've been at dinner with someone, and when the bill comes and the waiter asks, "How should I split the bill?" The person with me has said, "I'll take it." What a sweet, giving gesture (especially if it's my entire family). Should I appose and say, "Oh, don't need to do that," and then explain to the waiter how to divide it? I know people do that, and then enter into an awkward exchange of words. Why can't we just be grateful that someone wants to buy us dinner?

Or what about the times when I have received bags and bags of clothing for my kids from friends? They could be selling all of that on yard sales, and you know how much money a person can make on kids clothes on yard sales! Should I say to them, "No, thanks. I'd rather not receive this from you. You'd be better off making some money with these."

No. Because that's robbing them of blessing me. And God may have put it upon their heart to give in that way.

There have been times when I've felt joy in offering to buy someone lunch or pick something up at the store for them. When they deny me this opportunity to give, it denies me the chance to bless them.

"It's so hard to let others help us and to give us stuff - maybe because we feel we don't deserve it? We don't deserve His blessings either, but we have to acknowledge His desire to give to us. Our relationship with Him is strengthened when we allow Him to bless us. And relationships with others are strengthened when we allow others to break through our walls. It's like we're humbled that someone would deem us worthy of his/her time or energy or money? I know when someone reaches out to me, I find it embarrassing to a degree that I'm worth the trouble? But to let someone know that I deem them worthy of my trouble, that makes me feel good - blessed. Why should I deny someone that feeling because of my pride?" A quote from a friend who said I could use it but not her name. I love her! :o)

So if someone offers to give you something, or give their time, or pick up something at the store without asking for the amount that the item cost, or when the bill comes at lunch and they want to get it...LET THEM. As much as you want to bless others, realize that there will be times when someone wants to bless you, too.

Make me a blessing, make me a blessing;
Out of my life may Jesus shine.
Make me a blessing, O Savior I pray,
Make me a blessing to someone today.


Tiffany said...

I absolutely LOVE this!! I have often thought of this, and you just said it so well. Thanks!

Smart Money Mom said...

Love this reminder! I have been given the gift of service to others and especially need the reminder to let others bless me too! Thank you!

jackie said...

Great post! New follower from friday follow.

Have a great week!

renewd42 said...

I am the local missions rep in my church and I LOVED THIS! Thanks for sharing! Oh how we need to all...LOOK BEYOND OUR WALLS...AND REACH OUT. Blessings thanks for sharin, drop by my blog love to have you along!!

Happy Gramma said...

Thanks you so much, Chrissy. I really believe that what you said about letting other people bless you is so true. We will all have our own opportunities to be a blessing to others if we look for them. I just told this to my daughter the other day. She has been going through some unblelievably hard times recently and other Christians have reached out to help her. She has found it hard to receive all the help. I told her the same things you have expressed. Thank you for such a great blog.
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