Monday, April 26, 2010

My Move Monday {My Cinderella}

Thanks for giving me the weekend off. Even though I was supposed to try and not think about kids and daily life, for some reason Sarah stood out in my mind during the days I was gone. Probably because we were at a women's conference, and I know that someday she will go with me, too!

And would you believe...I actually knew what I would post today after hearing Steven Curtis Chapman on Saturday night.

My Movie Monday

Remember the song Cinderella that I mentioned on my last post? Well, he sang it, just like I thought he would. As I looked down my row, I saw tears in the eyes of each woman, no matter what their age of stage of life. And of course, I had tears, too.

It got me to thinking about my Cinderella.

She can be so silly, which is usually the most common video I have of her. Sometimes she's just being a cute three-year-old, and on occasion, she can be difficult (gasp!) and I have recorded that, too!

Here she is showing me her drawing of a map. She loves Dora the Explorer, so she was trying to do something similar!

Need interpretation? "Umm...the maps says go to the dog doggy, then the map says go to the dinosaur factory, then we can go to the mountain, and find map!"

And here she is telling me a knock knock joke. We're raising a comedic genius I tell you!

Knock, knock. Who's there? Corn. Corn who? A unicorn!

That's my Cinderella.

What have you recorded this week? Link up and share it with us!


Judy said...

I have a Cinderella. She is now grown. Enjoy these moments!

Jessica said...

Love the knock knock joke!

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