Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So I Married a Math Geek

There are some distinct advantages to marrying someone who is good at math. I mean, one can't receive a bachelors and masters degree in mathematics and not bestow their wisdom on others. It's just a given that Josh will make our lives brighter with his vast knowledge.

Like when we were at SBU together and happened to have College Algebra in the same semester, in the same class, with the same professor, at the same time. I actually waited a year for him to get there and put off this class until I knew he could be there with me! He helped me with my homework, he helped me study, he helped me realize that I shouldn't question why there was an e in a certain just was. Or when I had Business Calculus the same semester he had "regular" Calculus, and I realized that my version was NOT easier than his version. Fortunately, he helped me with that, too!

And who takes a picture of something like this at the Magic House?

Or enjoys the exhibits MORE than the kids...

Or when he posts deep thoughts on his facebook status like...

Which is the better buy: 4 two liter bottles of soda for a buck each or a single 24 pack of 12 oz cans for 5 bucks?

And when one of his friends responds...

24 12 oz cans is 288 oz. this is about 8.5 liters or 1.7 L per dollar. obviously a 2 L is 2 L per dollar in this case. which means you get about 17 % more for your money going with the 2L bottles.

Just to "get people thinking"...not because he really didn't know the answer.

But I think my favorite has been when he becomes irritated at Dora the Explorer (or any children's program) when she asks, "What is this shape?"

And the children are supposed to respond, "A diamond!"

"It's a rhombus; a diamond isn't a geometric shape," Josh responds to Dora. Every. Time.

It's ok, honey. I'm sure Dora is just reading her script and doesn't give much thought to geometry terms when she's talking to the camera. Or maybe she's just going by Webster's definition, even if Webster doesn't agree with math teachers.

And after reading my blog, he decided to send me an email with a scanned image from a text book or something. Just for reference I suppose. Because originally I called it a "kite" and not a "rhombus" and he wanted to make sure I knew the difference. His attempt at making sure I knew the difference made me smile.

I'm so glad we balance each other. It's great that you like math and numbers and I prefer writing and correct grammar. You can figure out which is the better buy at the store, and I'll make sure you say it correctly!


Josh said...

Perfect! What does Webster know? (btw it says a diamond is a square or rhombus in its definition)

I also hate it when HIGH SCHOOLERS still call it a diamond (although they sometimes say it just to irritate me)

Thanks for the post. I love you.

Please feel free to correct my grammer on this comment.

Josh said...

I love you

Mrs. Haid said...

I hate it when they call a tipped over square a diamond, too. Its in all of my baby's shape books! I edited it, don't worry. He will know a rhombus when he sees one! Also, I am impressed that your mistake was still pretty good. A kite is pretty similar! Not a lot of people know that terminology!

Josh, if you ever have the chance to take an elementary math methods course, you totally should. It was in my top five of any class I've ever taken!

SonjaMichelle said...

Can I just say....after reading this....I am pretty sure that Chris and Josh are going to be REALLY good friends.

Kelley said...

LOL, I love it! I will be sure to correct my misguided "diamond and kite" thinking!

Great post... really great.

kimberly said...

LOL! By the way when Josh had the Facebook status about the soda. I so wanted to let him know that if you look at the price label, they give you the cost by ounce. So, no need for the algebra problem. :0)

Josh said...

That only tells you the price per ounce (in this case), not necessarily that the 4 two liters were a better buy for more soda (if bought 5) for same amount of money.

What I also wanted to put on there was that I went up front to get a 20oz soda and it was $1.50, so you are paying 50 more cents for less soda but it's already cold! It doesnt make sense and just trying to get people to think!

Wendy said...

After reading this post and the responses, I really wish I was a math nerd-ok, not nerd, but intellect! It would really help with shopping it seems! Cute post!

BeckyR said...

Thank you for making math people sound fun and nice. I'm one. My husband sometimes thinks I'm weird, but loves me anyway.

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