Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I FINALLY Won Something!

On Saturday morning, I received this comment on my Ultimate Blog Party entry:

Hey Winner! #493
You need these numbers to complete the prize form on the prize page - http://www.5minutesformom.com/ultimate-blog-party-2010-prizes/

I was so excited! Finally, I won a giveaway after blogging for a a year and three months!

At that point, though, I did not know what I won. So I followed the link she provided, and began to scroll through all of the hundreds of winners. Then Josh reminded me that I could "search" for my name. Whew, that made it easier!

When I finally found my name, I saw that I won a $20 Visa gift card from Grocery Shop for FREE.

"So, blogging has turned out to be profitable. All those posts for $20." Josh's attempt at being funny. I had to laugh, though. All these months of wanting to be famous, to be accepted by BlogHer and begin running ads on my page have not come to fruition. Until then, I must be content with making $20 in 15 months...ha!

Just wanted to share my good news with you. I'll try not to spend it all in one place (who am I kidding, I know it will go directly to Wal-Mart)!


Josh said...

Or McDonalds.

CC said...

Congratulations on your win..and while it's not a fortune,it will be fun to spend..

me said...

Haha...I won something too. Let's hope this ISN'T your 15 mins of fame!

kimberly said...

Josh they have McD's in Wal-Mart
Congrats Chrissy!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a great prize! Congrats!

Shannon said...

Yay for you! Out of all the giveaways I've entered, I've never been lucky enough to win. Just found your blog, looking forward to reading more.

Mindy said...

Congrats!!! Winning giveaways is so much fun :)

Jessica Guthrie said...

congrats! I joined in the fun and did a giveaway but sadly i din't win but it was fun. I am actually still trying to make my around more.Great to be here! Stopping by from the Parade. I am now your newest follower! I hope you get a chance to swing by www.miamamiah.com Enjoy the rest of your week!

Jenn Calling Home said...

Hi! Coming over via the Blog Frog today. I've been on a winning streak, like you. Won 3 blog contests in one month. Whoot! It pays to blog. : )


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