Thursday, April 22, 2010

Must Be My Lucky Day Week

I'm on a roll. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to receive the following email:

Hi Chrissy,
I've finally gotten around to choosing my UBP winner and you won it! You are number 11 in the comments. If you go here you can choose which plug in warmer and three scents you want. Congrats again!


Holy cow! I love Scentsy! Thanks, Erin. And some of you know my feelings about the number eleven. It couldn't be a coincidence that I was the winner with the eleventh comment, right? :o)

So I picked out this plug in warmer:

Oh, my gosh. How cute is that?

And I selected Mayflower and Pretty in Pink as the scents I'd like to try (I know she said three, but I'm getting two of the Mayflower). Just yesterday I received an order from a party Ashley had, and I would HIGHLY recommend Satin Sheets. I love that one.

So three cheers to this week in April. Lord knows I needed a pick-me-up, and those often come in unexpected ways.


Traci66 said...


Mrs F said...

Congrats!!! How exciting :o)
The only thing I have ever won was my Redbook subscription... which is the gift that keeps on giving ;o) And I love it!
Hope your month gets better, glad you got the pick me up you needed ;o)

kimberly said...

Congrats! I need to come over and smell all your new scents!

SonjaMichelle said...

I love the plug in warmers...they are perfect for a bathroom or small office. I love Satin Sheets too! One of my favorites! But Welcome Home is awesome too!

I am happy you won....and that you won Scentsy!!!

Im hoping to have a Scentsy party again soon....just not sure when!

Mindy said...

Congrats! That is cute! I hope you have a long streak of giveaway luck like I did. :)

passionofthemom said...

I think that qualifies as Best Week Ever material! ;) Do you ever see that on VH-1?

Congrats on the good fortune of contest winning! =)

MageeMommy said...

Yahoo! It's fun winning giveaways!!!

New follower from FF. Hope you can stop by...

Rebecca said...

Follow you through Follow Friday! You can follow me back at

Love that purple color w/ the flowers

The Baby Store Plus said...

Hi Popping in from the Follow Friday Celebration! I'm now following your blog. Hope you can visit my blog too!

While you are there, please feel free to enter our ERGObaby Infant Carrier Giveaway!

Have a Wonderful Friday!

tara said...

Hooray for unexpected prizes, especially when you need a little pick-me-up.

(I'm your newest follower from FF, hi, nice to find you!)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! Following from Friday Follow. Have a great weekend!

Miss. Clippy said...

Wow congratulations! That blog event was huuuuge. Too bad I really didn't have time to visit all the blogs that joined! Happy Friday!

New follower from FF :) said...

Stoppin' in from Friday Follow!!
Congrats on your winnings! So exciting!!
Hope you have a LUCKY weekend.

The Moms @ Inspired Gifts

janetfaye said...


I am now following you on GFC - janetfaye from Friday Follow!

Ashley said...

Happy Friday Follow :)

Huckleberrygal said...

Congrats and what fun to win great prizes :). Happy Friday Follow!

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